Young Readers Book

'Finding Gobi' Young Readers Book 
Ages 8-16 Years Old

When Dion Leonard set off in the Tian Shan mountain range for a gruelling race across the Gobi Desert in China he didn’t expect he would meet Gobi – a loveable stray dog who would go on an incredible journey with him.

Across the 155 mile, seven-day ultra-marathon, the two quickly became inseparable companions as Gobi matched Dion’s stride step by step to the finish line. However, before Dion could bring Gobi home, the little dog went missing, sparking a nationwide search to reunite man with his best friend.

Written especially for younger readers this version of Finding Gobi is a truly moving and inspiring story for animal lovers worldwide about a very little dog with a very big heart.

Finding Gobi is also available in Adult Hardcover/Paperback and Children's Picture Book
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