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Finding Gobi

Finding Gobi was the feel good story of 2016 and the amazing true story of extreme ultra runner Dion Leonard and Gobi the Chinese stray desert dog. Running companions in the toughest of conditions and against all odds they formed an unbreakable bond that would change both of  their lives  forever...

Dion Leonard Extreme Ultra Runner, Dion Leonard, Gobi the Dog, Finding Gobi

Dion Leonard

Dion Leonard is a 42 year old Australian who lives in Edinburgh, UK and competes around the globe in ultra running events ranging from 30 miles to over 155 miles in some of the most extreme conditions known to man. Dion has numerous top 10 finishes in some of the toughest races on the planet...                                            


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Dion Leonard, Gobi the Dog, Finding Gobi book

Meet Dion & Gobi

Dion and Gobi will be travelling as part of the 'Finding Gobi' book/s launch in June in the UK, USA and Canada. To follow their journey or meet them in person stay tuned for more details to be announced soon...

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